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EXi-600 Confocal Package
Aurox Clarity LFC - Laser Free Confocal

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Product Code: CL-EXICF

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The All New EXi-600 Confocal System From Ludesco

Introducing the all new LUDESCO EXi-600 inverted research microscope. The EXi-600 is available as a confocal package. High speed multi-point confocal scanning, combined with a high speed sCMOS camera, minimizes photobleaching and allows real-time imaging and recording at 500 fps or more. A long life light source coupled to the instrument allows for full visible spectrum (350nm - 750nm) confocal imaging (and NIR spectrum in some variants). Automation of internal multi-position excitation, dichroic and emission filter wheels allows fast multi-dimensional (X, Y, Z, t) imaging of up to five or more fluorescent probes in the same sample.

Proprietary design high transmission low cross talk multi-spiral pinhole pattern

CrestOptics X-Light is a 15,000 RPM spinning disk with choice of single or double patterns spinning disk allowing users to select the appropriate pinhole size to match the objective lens numerical aperture or experiment protocol used.

Long-term stability

X-Light systems show a long-term (years) stability with no need of further alignments after the first installation.


Ludesco EXi-600 Inverted Microscope with:
  • Plan S-APO 10x Objective
  • Plan S-APO 20x Objective
  • Plan S-APO 40x Objective w/ Correction Collar
  • Plan APO 60x Oil Objective
  • DAPI, GFP, TexRD Filters
Crest Optics X Light V2 Spinning Disk Confocal
Aurox Clarity LFC - Laser Free Confocal Specifications
Operating principle Structured illumination, spinning disk. 3 grid densities for matching sectioning and throughput to objective and sample
Confocality (PSF) 3 sectors provide adjustable sectioning strength down to 0.6 μm (FWHM) with 1.4 NA oil immersion lens
Widefield By-pass Selectable mode completely removes disk from the imaging path
Disk rotation speed 3000 rpm
Minimum exposure 20 ms (1 full disk rotation)
Frame rates (max) 22 fps (12-bit confocal imaging, full 2.3 Mpix frame size, no binning), up to 50 fps with 2x2 binning
Spectral channels 4 user-replaceable cubes on a fast internal filter turret
Filter switching time <200 ms
Excitation range 370 - 700 nm
Emission range 410 - 750 nm

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