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Unitron Z10 Series Stereo Fluorescence Microscope - Fixed Wavelength LED
Unitron Z10 Series Stereo Fluorescence Microscope

Price: $11,995.00

Product Code: USF-11140

The Unitron Z10 Series is a high magnification, ergonomically designed research quality stereo microscope. Whether performing botanical analysis, entomological identification, anatomical dissection or marine biology investigation the Z10 Series provides a path to discovery. With a best in class 24mm field of view and resolution of 289 lp/mm with a numerical aperture of 0.08 N.A. seeing more, faster, more reliably and accurately has never been easier or more affordable!

Reliability and Repeatability
With seven defined, step magnification levels on each model users are assured of consistent reproducible results for repeated examinations.

Distortion Free
Producing images that cause less strain on the users eyes was a critical consideration in the design of the Unitron Z10 Series. Typical stereo-microscopes images suffer from problems caused by chromatic aberration and distortion in the lens that cause surface irregularities in the image. Unitron’s Z10 Series design eliminates the problems associated with chromatic aberration and distortion allowing the user to see the specimen undistorted and in its true, authentic colors.

Ergonomic Modular Design
Designed as a modular system the Z10 Series is offered with an Ergonomic Viewing Body (0° - 35°) or a 20° inclined binocular viewing body. The standard 10x eyepieces provide a best in class, 24mm field of view. Eyepieces are also available in 15x , 20x and 25x magnification.

The Z10 Series features a choice of three different optical carriers. The Z10 has a magnification range of 0.8x to 8.0x, the Z8 offers a magnification range of 0.8x to 6.4x and the Z6 provides a magnification range of 0.8x to 5.0x.

A wide range of objectives are available to customize the Z10 Series for various applications. Plan achromat objectives are available in 1x (W.D. 78mm) and 2x (W.D. 32.5mm). A 0.5x Plan Apo objective (W.D. 126mm) and a 0.3x achromat (W.D. 280mm) and 0.5x achromat (W.D. 186mm) are also available.

Z10 Features

Z8 Features

Z6 Features

  • Magnification range of 8x to 80x
  • Seven defined, step magnification levels
  • Sharp, crisp optics with outstanding depth of field
  • Magnification range of 8x to 64x
  • Seven defined , step magnification levels
  • High contrast optical system with no image distortion
  • Magnification range of 8x to 50x
  • Seven defined, step magnification levels
  • Excellent contrast and depth of field, images are undistorted

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